Thursday, November 4, 2010

Don't make concessions to those who can't be persuaded by argument.

Dear President Obama,

A lot of democrats who will lose their seats in the midterms are identified as blue dogs & as a block these representatives are mostly clustered in competitive Southern or Midwestern districts. These are also many of the same districts that look to be hit hardest by this "wave election." I am not implying that the moderate to conservative positions that these DINOS (Democrat in name only) have taken is the rationale for why they have lost so many seats, but it certainly has not been a winning strategy either. For all the efforts you've made to accommodate so many of these representatives, what is the thanks you get, do they highlight the agreements between the blue dogs and your administration with such laudable sentiments as, "I never voted for Obamacare" or "He can take his endorsement & shove it."? Former Chairman Dean is right, we need to broaden the democratic coalition & build a fifty state strategy, but that is not done by replacing the House of Representative with the House of Referendums. It is not compromising, rather it is condescending for a representative to take a political position based on an impulsive reaction, often media driven, of the electorate. This strategy can best be described as a vain attempt to siphon off votes from people who are sympathetic to tea party positions or worse and more likely a cynical power grab. Further, I do not direct these sentiments at your administration as you've shown tremendous conviction in passing thorough legislation and an ambitious agenda that is unparalleled in recent presidential history, while risking nearly all of your political capital. Why? I can only assume because it is right for the country.
Nov 3rd-Jan 3rd, why not spend the same energy overhauling a broken immigration system, that risks so many lives and the workings of our society at large, as you did reforming health care? It may not be popular in the current climate of distorted information and polarizing snap poles, but it will further bolster your legacy as a great president, effective legislator and most importantly it is right for the country. I think, you'll also find that Hopey Changy thing will work out great for you after all.

Yours hopefully,

Julian Eaton

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